Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Squash News

Squash? In my 30s? I think it's a bloke thing. I actually panic if I don't have any in.

What is not ace about Quentin Blake illustrations on Roald Dahl drinks though?

Friday, 16 November 2007


Went to the Imperial War Museum to see this today:

Seriously one of the best exhibitions I've caught all year. No pics (they weren't allowed) but the catalogue contains the lot and is only a score. Restores your belief in the power of good design.

Whilst I was there I also saw the Steve McQueen exhibit. Proper moving piece called Queen & Country - he's made postage stamps out of the faces of soldiers who have died in Iraq. The idea is to relate what is happening over there to the everyday here. All the families of those included gave their permission to the artist and it's a truly moving exhibit whatever your politics.

Real "something in my eye" material:

Finally I had a (solemn) walk through the Holocaust exhibition. Again, powerful stuff and an excellently curated exhibition treading the line between interactivity and documentation perfectly.

The showpiece for me was the scale model of Auschwitz with added audio testimony from real life detainees.

Friday, 9 November 2007

Mo' Money

I went to the Claw Money party last night @ Blink.
It was mainly for fellas to check each others trainers out, but also to promote Claw's new Vandal.

Claw is hot shit.
The shoes are in Foot Patrol from today.